SolarWinds Certified Professional Network Performance Monitor
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SCP NPM Beta Exam FAQs

Who should register?

IT Professionals who want to help with the creation of the exam and who have an intermediate or above understanding of NPM.

Is the beta limited?

Yes, we will select a small number of registrants and registration does not guarantee participation.

What is the process?

Complete the registration form on the right. If you are selected, you will receive an email with further instructions. The exam has 75 questions. You will be able to take at a time of your choice.

Where can I find test prep materials?

There are no test prep materials needed. If you have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of NPM, you have all you need. The purpose of the beta exam is to provide feedback on the questions from real users like you.

Will I receive a certification?

No, your role is to "test the test." You will, however, be offered early access to the official exam when released.

What's in it for me?

You’ll receive 1000 THWACK points, early access to the official exam, a unique beta badge to display on your THWACK user profile, and our gratitude for helping make this certification program one of the best around.

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