Orion NPM Administration

Exam Objectives for This Section

  • Manage accounts in Orion NPM
  • Discover and manage network elements (e.g. nodes, interfaces, volumes) using Orion NPM
  • Configure and use the Orion NPM Universal Device Poller (UnDP)
  • Create and run standard and customized Orion NPM reports
  • Configure an Orion NPM alert and verify the logic
  • Configure and manage Syslog and SNMP Traps
  • Customize Orion web console
  • Customize Orion NPM custom properties, views, and menu bars
  • Create and maintain Orion NPM maps
  • Scale Orion NPM and optimize its performance
  • Identify the ways in which Orion NPM can integrate with other management products
  • Explain the technical capabilities and limitations of each Orion module
  • Leverage the expertise and custom resources on thwack