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Athena Security Has Been Acquired By SolarWinds

SolarWinds, Inc. (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software to more than 97,000 customers worldwide, has acquired Athena Security.

Athena FirePAC is Now SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager

Get Comprehensive Firewall Management from rule auditing to change modeling

  • Find high-risk firewalls and assess your risk profile in minutes
  • Automate security audits using over 120 customizable, standards-based checks
  • Simplify firewall troubleshooting, change management, and compliance
  • Analyze firewall configs to clean up the rulebase and optimize security and performance
  • Model the impact of rule changes without touching production devices

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SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager provides simplified and streamlined multi-vendor firewall management from a single, intuitive interface for improved network security and administrative ease. You get critical insight into how your network processes traffic and how firewall rules and routing tables affect traffic flow. Very importantly, Firewall Security Manager enables you to model the impact of changes before implementing them in order to reduce risks and costly configuration errors, as well as cut down on valuable troubleshooting time.

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      "SolarWinds [User Device Tracker] takes the next step by querying that switch and asking it what addresses you're seeing associated with that port."

      – Jim Frey, Research Director Enterprise Management Associates
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