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FAQ / Alert Central Basics

My IT tools /products generate their own alerts, why should I use Alert Central?
Alert Central is really useful when you've got too many sources that you have to configure independently, when you need to route alerts to different groups rather than telling everyone about everything, and when your manual processes are starting to break down. We tried to bring all of the features you might find bits and pieces of elsewhere into ONE product that does them all.
I’m already using distribution lists to tell people about alerts, how can alert central help?
Rather than telling everyone about every alert, Alert Central can help you send alerts to a single group, or rotate through a set of users individually who can take responsibility for the alert. Distribution lists break down by distracting everyone with a lot of noise and creating chatter and involving people that don't need to be involved – sort of like using a megaphone when a telephone would do.
My environment consists of 3-4 groups that all need to handle alerts, will alert central support that?
Absolutely – you can send alerts from multiple sources to Alert Central, then distribute them to different groups based on any information in the original alert. Add each group to Alert Central, add their alerts to Alert Central, then use routing rules to make sure they get to the right people. Each group can have their own escalation policy and one or more on call calendars to call their own.
I already have a helpdesk/trouble ticketing system, what does alert central bring to the party?
Alert Central was designed to be a simple solution for centralizing and managing alerts. Helpdesk/ticketing systems are frequently designed around asset and relationships, not escalation and notification. Some systems do have similar escalation features, but they are often hard to manage and a sort of afterthought to the core functionality of a helpdesk system. Most people with both Alert Central and helpdesk systems use them one of three ways:
Can alert central de-duplicate alerts from multiple sources?
Not yet. If you have two sources that generate the same alerts or a cascade failure that might generate a bunch of identical alerts, you'll get notified about all of them. Some of our customers have offered creative solutions, stopgaps, and good long term options in our feature requests forum, so be sure to go vote on them.
How much does Alert Central cost?
It’s free! Free to download, free to use for everyone on your team.
As a free product, will continue to be developed?
Yes! Our product manager keeps an updated roadmap in our online community. Our roadmaps are heavily influenced by user requests. You can add and vote on features requests here.
If I am having problems with my system how do I get help?
Alert Central is supported in SolarWinds online community thwack. You are able to ask questions and report issues that will be quickly answered by the Alert Central product team or other Alert Central Users.
What are the hardware and software requirements?
The deployment requirements for Alert Central are as follows.
Where can I get my copy of Alert Central?
Alert Central is a virtual appliance you can download directly from our site. Click here to choose the version of Alert Central that fits your environment.
I want the latest version but already have an installation, can I upgrade without going through set up again?
Existing installations can be easily upgraded to the latest version. Download the upgrade and follow the included instructions.
For More FAQ visit our forum on SolarWinds Online Community – Thwack.

Installation & Setup

Setting up a Virtual Appliance (18:50)
Alert Central Quick Start Guide

Configuration & Tips

Adding Email Sources to Alert Central (7:42)
Learn how to set up e-mail sources with Alert Central
Adding Orion Sources to Alert Central (5:21)
See how to add Orion sources to Alert Central
Setting Up Escalation Policies in Alert Central (4:13)
Learn how to set up groups, routing rules, escalations, multiple on-call schedules, and more
Configure Alert Central so you can receive alerts as texts
You can set your email address to be the email-to-text phone number provided by most cell phone carriers. Here is a partial list, where your cell phone number is substituted for “number” in the string. Be sure and test these addresses to ensure nothing has changed with the carriers!
Sprint or
Virgin Mobile
Metro PCS
Boost Mobile
U.S. Cellular

Video Library

Watch this quick product overview to learn how SolarWinds Alert Central can be a valuable part of your IT strategy. (1:56)
Join the SolarWinds Head Geeks for another action-packed episode featuring a virtual appliance install battle and an introduction to SolarWinds Alert Central. (18:49)
Learn how to set up groups, routing rules, escalations, multiple on-call schedules, and more. (4:13)
Learn how to set up e-mail sources with Alert Central (7:42)
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