Alert Central Features

Get Everything You Need in an IT Alerting Application

Watch this quick product overview to learn how SolarWinds Alert Central can be a valuable part of your IT strategy. Imagine the peace of mind, the nights full of restful sleep, and the general happiness you’ll have with this free IT notification software helping you take care of business.

Alert Notification for All Your IT Systems

Multi-System Alert Notification

Manage All Your IT Alerts From a Single Environment

You can use SolarWinds Alert Central to manage alerts for virtually any IT product that sends alerts. If the product can send alert notifications by email – you can integrate it with Alert Central!

SolarWinds Products

  • Network Performance Monitor
  • Server & Application Monitor
  • IP Address Manager
  • Network Configuration Manager
  • VoIP & Network Quality Manager
  • Patch Manager
  • Storage Manager
  • Virtualization Manager
  • Log & Event Manager

Other Products

  • BMC Remedy®
  • CA Spectrum®
  • CiscoWorks™/Cisco Prime™
  • HP®
  • ManageEngine®
  • Nagios®
  • Paessler®
  • SpiceWorks™
  • VMware® vCenter® Ops
  • WhatsUp® Gold
…and many more!

On-Call Scheduling

Finally, A Painful Task Made Easy

Managing the on-call schedule can be a real pain. Most companies do not have any sort of centralized IT notification software. In fact, most companies rely on cobbled together processes made up of shared phones or pagers, shared calendars, or other error-prone methods. Over 40% of respondents to a SolarWinds survey said that at their company, everyone just “remembers who is on call at a certain time.” Decentralized, manual, on-call scheduling can result in missed or delayed alert responses. This, in turn, can result system downtime, performance degradation, end-user impact and other consequences. Why take chances without a true alert notification system?

On-call scheduling for multiple teams is a breeze with SolarWinds Alert Central. Each team is represented by a different color, helping you distinguish responsible groups at a glance. Simply schedule team members using the intuitive calendar interface.

  • Choose the date
  • Select the team
  • Identify the team member
  • Set the on-call time frame
  • Indicate whether you wish the time zone to be in your time zone or the user’s time zone
  • Choose whether you want the schedule to recur

You can see who is on call now by clicking on the “On Call Now” tab. Everyone on call, from every team, will be shown, along with their full contact information.

Escalation Management

Set Up Automatic Escalation Workflows That Work For Each Team

Getting the right alert notifications to the right person on the right team is not a one-step process. What if the on-call person isn’t available? You need to ensure alerts are automatically and correctly routed to the next person in the escalation list, so all notifications are addressed as soon as possible. Alert Central works alongside your existing network notification software and IT systems to automatically handle escalations according to rules you define.

Alert Central has built-in alert escalation to ensure alerts are routed appropriately. You can set up different rules for each team, so every team can customize exactly how they want to organize escalations. Users can also manually escalate alerts from the received alert notifications and the online interface.

Users can receive alerts as html or plain text emails, or in SMS text.

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