Whether you’re a large corporation or a small team, Alert Central will:
  • Simplify the distribution of alerts
  • Reduce the time it takes to get alerts resolved
  • Give better visibility into alert workflow
The best part? Alert Central is free to download and free to use for your entire team.
Choose the virtual appliance format that’s right for you

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System Requirements
Alert Central is a virtual appliance that can be set up on any system that includes the following:
  • Virtualization Platform
  • VMware® ESX/ESXi 4.0+
  • Microsoft® Hyper-V® 2008 R2 or later
  • Windows® 8 Data Center with Hyper-V®
  • Browser
  • Firefox 15 or later, Google® Chrome™, IE 9
  • For best performance, SolarWinds recommends using Chrome.
  • CPU Speed
  • 2 cores with 512Mhz reservation
  • Memory
  • 2 GB
  • Hard Drive Space
  • 120 GB
  • Port for Orion® Communication
  • 443
  • Alert Central is part of Solarwind's
    policy of giving back to the IT
    comunity that has helped make us
    one of the fastest growing software
    companies in the world.