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What is SolarWinds Alert Central?

SolarWinds Alert Central is centralized IT alert management software that provides amazingly streamlined alert management for your entire IT organization. It consolidates and manages IT alerts, alert escalation, and on-call scheduling to help ensure all your alerts get to the right people, in the right groups, at the right time. And SolarWinds Alert Central integrates with just about every IT product that sends alerts, using a simple set up wizard to walk you through the process. And the best part? SolarWinds Alert Central is completely FREE!

Sound good? Getting started is easy. Simply download the software, deploy it to your environment, and start using it right away.

Alert Central Overview Video

Watch this quick product overview to learn how SolarWinds Alert Central can be a valuable part of your IT strategy. Imagine the peace of mind, the nights full of restful sleep, and the general happiness you’ll have with this free IT notification software helping you take care of business.

Free Alert Management for All:

Network Operations Centers (NOC) operate more efficiently with Alert Central

SolarWinds Alert Central is the perfect alert management product for your organization, whether you’re scheduling just a few IT pros or managing a large network operations center. Automating alert management in your network operations center has a positive impact on your company’s bottom line by ensuring issues get routed to the person most able to solve them, as quickly as possible. When problems are addressed faster, their impact is lessened. Additionally, when NOCs free staff from routine scheduling and routing processes, they enable personnel to focus on more value-added tasks including proactive maintenance, technical troubleshooting, and in-depth support for demanding situations as they arise. Beyond the NOC, Alert Central is great for managing security incidents and helpdesks where similar on-call and escalation management are required.

Free to Download,
Free to Use

That’s right, SolarWinds Alert Central is FREE. Just download the software and set up an unlimited number of users within your organization. There are no user fees or other sneaky hidden costs. You don’t even need to fill out a registration form to download the software. Alert Central is part of SolarWinds’ policy of giving back to the IT community that has helped make us one of the fastest growing software companies in the world.

How Does SolarWinds Alert Central Work?


Send all your IT alerts to SolarWinds Alert Central. You can filter the alerts by multiple criteria to ensure team members see only the alerts that matter to them. Alert Central follows your rules to distribute incoming alerts to the correct IT person on call. They can receive the alerts by email or text; and can acknowledge, close, or manually escalate them with or without VPN access. Plus, if the first designated person doesn’t answer, Alert Central escalates the alert according to rules you have defined. It’s that easy.

SolarWinds Alert Central is easy to use and free for your whole organization!

SolarWinds is Trusted By


      "Being able to quickly identify issues caused by applications not being fully available...has greatly helped with revenue loss for our business."

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