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AUSTIN, Texas – May 10, 2011 – SolarWinds® Inc. (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced its latest free tool, Real-Time AppFlow Analyzer (RTAFA), to monitor AppFlowTM, an emerging application data capture method.  SolarWinds is one of the first vendors to offer a product leveraging AppFlow data originating from in-place networking solutions, and will be demonstrating its RTAFA offering in the Citrix Systems’ booth at Interop in Las Vegas.

AppFlow extends Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX) to capture real-time application data from networking devices, such as Citrix® NetScaler®. By extending existing datacenter investments, AppFlow provides insight into critical application flows - but without the required cost and complexity of more intrusive approaches.

“We are excited to partner with Citrix to offer a free AppFlow monitoring tool for Citrix NetScaler customers,” said Josh Stephens, SolarWinds’ Head Geek and VP of technology. “Using SolarWinds RTAFA, customers can see top URLs by latency, gain insight into what browsers are being used, and quickly compare the services configured for an application side by side.”

The RTAFA free tool analyzes AppFlow data to show application performance by Top URLs, HTTP Status Codes, and HTTP Request Methods. This enables users to measure latency for each application, gain insight into the most popular browsers being used for each delivered service, and quickly compare utilization on individual servers and NetScaler-defined services. The RTAFA free tool can also show detailed information about users accessing the web service, including information on what browser they are using as well as detailed summaries of how much traffic and how many requests they have sent and received. RTAFA was built on the Real-Time NetFlow Analyzer free tool and includes support for NetFlow v5 and v9, sFlow, and JFlow.


  • Collects, analyzes and displays AppFlow data
  • Visualizes app data flows for datacenters and cloud
  • Analyzes app performance and behavior

SolarWinds Real-Time AppFlow Analyzer records up to 60 minutes of flow data and supports AppFlow, Juniper JFlow, sFlow, and NetFlow v5 and V9. AppFlowTM is currently available on the entire NetScaler family of application and service delivery solutions, running version 9.3.  

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